I grew up in the ‘Catholic Republic of Mayo’ in the ‘West of Ireland’. At the age of 19 I moved to Dublin to study Physiotherapy in University College Dublin(UCD) after realising I liked nothing better than to rub people up. While in UCD I joined the LGBT society and in April 2012 I was elected Auditor of the society, the youngest in it’s 25 year history.
I have previously represented my country in Athletics but have now given up sport to focus on my LGBT activism in Ireland.
My interests lie in Politics, Sport and any LBGTQ related issues. Twitter is a place where my eccentric side ‘comes out’ which usually results with some sort of controversy where I piss off an old lady and her Cat.

Growing up in a devout Catholic Family I became interested in Secular Humanism around the age of 17. I have become a strong critic of the Institution of the Catholic Church and its teachings on Homosexuality.
With a nerdy interest in science I achieved a top 2% result in my Leaving Certificate year as I had nothing better to do but study and as a result I was awarded an Entrance Scholar to University College Dublin(NERD WIN!!!). I spend my spare time wondering why I’m not yet in charge of the universe or at the very least Gondor which I was set to inherit after the death of  my uncle Sauron…


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